Our mission…

As a group of professional creatives, we are keen to push the boundaries of the interactive digital medium through experimentation. We wish to express new ideas and create new worlds for audiences to spark joy and thought. We seek to stimulate thought and discussion as well as creating engaging and interactive experiences for our audience.

Just as we seek to create new and wonderful worlds in the medium, we also seek to change the conditions of work in our industry by experimenting with the organisation of our workplace itself. We wish to create a workplace structure which facilitates a positive and nurturing environment for creative work.

We also wish to help grow the local games industry in Sydney by helping to foster new game development studios with their own co-operative models, in accordance with the principle of solidarity. By lending a helping hand to our fellow developers, we seek to help build a better and more equitable industry for all.

If you’re interested in learning more about co-operatives, feel free to check out our co-operative resources page.