• Innovative palindrome match puzzle design
  • Cute pastel art deco influenced visuals
  • Sparkly starshine music and audio

Our first game as a studio, UfoTofU: Hex, is our perplexing, pleasant, palindrome puzzler that’s ready to take you to a new satisfying state of puzzle zen!

UfoTofU: Hex is a sequel to the original UfoTofU and develops further on the match puzzle genre by giving players the opportunity to engage with a novel approach to match puzzles. UfoTofU: Hex shakes up the genre by asking players to form visual palindrome sequences across a hex grid rather than simply connecting identical symbols.

Couple our unique gameplay with the work of audio extraordinaire, Maize Wallin, and you’ll find UfoTofU: Hex to be a fun little puzzle game that you’re sure to enjoy.