Mateja (he/him)

Hailing from a country that no longer exists, Mateja has been a staple on the Sydney game development scene as a games and pop culture journo for almost a decade. With years of amateur experience writing for stage and screen, he’s embarked on a new journey with writing for games and is eager to push the limits of the medium.

An activist by trade and passion, he brings his ideals for social justice to managing the co-op and facilitating teamwork between the co-operators at Inflorescent. A management nerd through and through, his favourite games are complex 4x strategy games. Always a man of many hats, Mateja serves as the co-op’s secretary, producer and writer.

Jay (she/her)

Having gotten her start at an indie studio hoping to revolutionise the way games are made, Jay has now found her way into another indie studio hoping to revolutionise the way games are made. Jay’s previous development experience and level-headed perspective ensures that the co-op is able to make the best decisions after considering all possibilities.

Jay provides game art, graphic design, in-engine development and minor programming skills for her co-operators (and anyone hiring freelancers, wink). 

Albey (they/them)

Albey is an autistic programming polyglot and has been making their own games since they were a child. They’ve been part of the Sydney game dev scene for several years, but generally avoided entering the commercial side of industry itself. That is until they were introduced to the idea of worker-owned co-operatives and more ethical, more supportive ways of making games.

Albey’s role in the co-op is mostly programming, but they also bring game design and occasional cat pictures to the table. They’ll take any genre they’re currently dissatisfied with, reduce it to its core, twist it, and build it up again, just to see what happens. Accessibility is a passion to them.

You can see some of their experiments here.

Damon (he/him)

Spending his early years with a focus on acting and writing, Damon now brings his zeal for storytelling mediums to the games industry. Having trained in programming and design, he has a passion for taking fun, established game mechanics and exploring novel directions for them.

He works as a programmer and designer for the co-op, bringing his experience in developing projects from start to publication. You can see more of his work here.

Matt (they/them)

Matthew, also known as Silver Stitch, has been developing games since their youth, accidentally starting out in the online wild west producing Flash games for Newgrounds. After studying for a career in film, Matthew instead found their way back to the world of gamedev to return to those glory days and to tell stories in the unbridled and non-linear videogame medium.

Matthew’s passion for story-telling is matched only by their ambition, utilising unconventional mechanics, wild creativity, and an oddly quirky attitude. They are a stern advocate for the freedom and accessibility of media, and hope to work towards not just an open-source world, but one where all people have the capacity to interact and be involved.