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Join game producer Mateja Simovic in speaking with Molly from The Co-op Federation about the founding of Inflorescent Games Co-op, Australia’s first game development co-op.

In this interview, he covers why he decided to form Inflorescent Games. Similarly, he discusses the benefits of the co-op business model, as well as the challenges we’re facing as indie game developers in Australia.

The goal of Inflorescent is to provide employment, grow and hopefully succeed and make excellent and interesting games!

Mateja Simovic, 1 Oct 20

Additionally, Mateja also answers a few questions that you might have. For example, why would someone join a co-op? Why should more people know about the co-op business model? What are the obstacles faced by indie game developers in Australia? And perhaps, why make a co-op for game development in the first place?

If you’re curious, check out the interview here.

Learn more about Inflorescent Games Co-op by reading our mission statement.